Sunday, 22 November 2009

Burning down the banks..err house..

Bailing out the banks.. now whose smart arse idea was this.

I didnt see the Government bailing out struggling business, or god forbid, the public that made the banks rich in the first place with their excessive charges.

No siree.

Banks like the rest of big business spunk our money, and then have the gall to ask the country to get them outta the shit, and not just this country, Ireland, Germany,France,USA, Eastern Europe,in fact nearly every country has being bailed out by its Government..

I think bankings a wonderful career path to follow dont you.

Let us kick start the economy they cried, bail out the banks and get the housing market moving again - utter tripe.. are people really, really, really that stupid.

Come on " sheeple"..follow in line.. stay in fear, watch X factor.. yer safe indoors.

But now i hear that the bank bail out could be illegal..cos Gordon Brown and his shite government may have broken International laws.

Oooh Gordon.. thats not good .. is it.. especially after you then went on to split Llloyds and the RBS..If this is now proved correct.. where now.. Trade sanctions on the UK.. Gordon.. did ya not check the rules, and you can run a fuckin country.. you couldnt run a tap!!

Where are the greedy banks gonna turn to next. Tho im sure some government underhand tactics wont see them outta pocket,after all whats the difference between the banks and the government.. not a fuckin lot.

Both promise you so much, then deliver so little, both badger ya to the ends of the earth when they want a vote, or see a big deposit in yer account, and both sell yer private details onto other dodgy business, and call it protection of data

I call it THIEVERY..

And the bleat goes on

Whether or not Ireland had the whole campaign to get to the finals is immaterial.

Ireland didnt cheat.

Henry the french captain did.

These are the facts.And while we are on the subject.

Fifa state they cannot change the rules, well its funny that they did prior to the play offs by seeding them. Its never happened before and i very much doubt it will ever happen again.

FIFA are an old dinosaur that are out of the touch with the modern game.

The majority of players will CHEAT, its a given fact. They will try and get away with what they can,the only way to curb this is by video referees.

FIFA should refer to their mandate before they start acting all high and mighty.

This wasnt a Premiership game, a Champions league tie, this was a World Cup play off, it doesnt get any bigger for a professional footballer.

Henry should be banned from the World Cup, and the French team and country should be ashamed of themselves.

Friday, 20 November 2009


I find the audacity of FIFA remarkable in this day and age.

Sportsmanship they preach, Fair Play they yell, and Integrity they publish, but funnily enough, none of this is put into practice

Come on FIFA show yourselves up to not caring about the financial implications here.

Give Ireland the replay it deserves.

If your putting yourselves up as a major governing body, then you have a DUTY to be responsible to your members when they have issues.. in this case little old Ireland, remember them?

Yes they may be small in numbers, but they are very passionate and vocal sporting fans. They as a country are respected throughout the planet for FAIR PLAY and PASSION.

Yet like an old musical dinosaur.. FIFA hide behind the rule book.

This is the very same rule book that was changed to ensure that Portugal and France wouldnt be eliminated from the World Cup by bringing in a seeded play off, funnily this wasnt in place in the FIFA rules before the start of the qualifying tournament, and this has never happened before, and nor will it happen again.

After the Maradona hand of god goal in 1986. The fair play mandate was brought in.

23 years on.. little has changed. When a smaller country challenges a bigger country, it gets swatted like an annoying insect.

Thierry Henry has admitted he CHEATED.. what do FIFA do.. nothing.

The referees decision is final to ensure INTEGRITY.. that word again eh.

The fact of the matter is. FIFA is NOW tainted as a governing body. The country of France is NOW tainted as they are seen as CHEATS throughout the sporting world. The World Cup is NOW tainted as its not a fair and moral competition.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Fair Play.. yeah right..

80 million Irish men and women around the world witnessed a great miscarriage of INJUSTICE last night in Paris.

It wasnt just Thierry Henrys BLATANT handball that won the game for the under achieving French, its the manner in which FIFA have dismissed Irelands claim to a replay.

The Referees decision is FINAL.. why?

Who chooses the officials for these MAJOR games, what is the criteria in choosing an official, and in this case, someone we have never heard of before.

Surely its time now.. to select the best officials from around the planet.

One online poll suggest 87% of the french population do NOT want France to go thru to the World Cup, they dont like the manner in which their INEPT french team got thru to South Africa next summer.

This game could set a precadent.. bring in TECHNOLOGY for goodness sake. It may not change the uproar on the island of Ireland.. but at least the future will be ensured that fair play will be seen for years to come.

Tho i would hope the French FA would see " common sense" and agree to a rematch.

Its the WORLD CUP at stake here.. WORLD CUP, not euro cup, not europa cup ( Platini), the world is watching, and they all have eyes.

You cant fool all of the people.. all of the time.. maybe messrs Blatter and Platini would do well to remember this.