Sunday, 22 November 2009

And the bleat goes on

Whether or not Ireland had the whole campaign to get to the finals is immaterial.

Ireland didnt cheat.

Henry the french captain did.

These are the facts.And while we are on the subject.

Fifa state they cannot change the rules, well its funny that they did prior to the play offs by seeding them. Its never happened before and i very much doubt it will ever happen again.

FIFA are an old dinosaur that are out of the touch with the modern game.

The majority of players will CHEAT, its a given fact. They will try and get away with what they can,the only way to curb this is by video referees.

FIFA should refer to their mandate before they start acting all high and mighty.

This wasnt a Premiership game, a Champions league tie, this was a World Cup play off, it doesnt get any bigger for a professional footballer.

Henry should be banned from the World Cup, and the French team and country should be ashamed of themselves.

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