Thursday, 19 November 2009

Fair Play.. yeah right..

80 million Irish men and women around the world witnessed a great miscarriage of INJUSTICE last night in Paris.

It wasnt just Thierry Henrys BLATANT handball that won the game for the under achieving French, its the manner in which FIFA have dismissed Irelands claim to a replay.

The Referees decision is FINAL.. why?

Who chooses the officials for these MAJOR games, what is the criteria in choosing an official, and in this case, someone we have never heard of before.

Surely its time now.. to select the best officials from around the planet.

One online poll suggest 87% of the french population do NOT want France to go thru to the World Cup, they dont like the manner in which their INEPT french team got thru to South Africa next summer.

This game could set a precadent.. bring in TECHNOLOGY for goodness sake. It may not change the uproar on the island of Ireland.. but at least the future will be ensured that fair play will be seen for years to come.

Tho i would hope the French FA would see " common sense" and agree to a rematch.

Its the WORLD CUP at stake here.. WORLD CUP, not euro cup, not europa cup ( Platini), the world is watching, and they all have eyes.

You cant fool all of the people.. all of the time.. maybe messrs Blatter and Platini would do well to remember this.

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  1. Great little artical Paul, hope its the first of many!!!