Friday, 20 November 2009


I find the audacity of FIFA remarkable in this day and age.

Sportsmanship they preach, Fair Play they yell, and Integrity they publish, but funnily enough, none of this is put into practice

Come on FIFA show yourselves up to not caring about the financial implications here.

Give Ireland the replay it deserves.

If your putting yourselves up as a major governing body, then you have a DUTY to be responsible to your members when they have issues.. in this case little old Ireland, remember them?

Yes they may be small in numbers, but they are very passionate and vocal sporting fans. They as a country are respected throughout the planet for FAIR PLAY and PASSION.

Yet like an old musical dinosaur.. FIFA hide behind the rule book.

This is the very same rule book that was changed to ensure that Portugal and France wouldnt be eliminated from the World Cup by bringing in a seeded play off, funnily this wasnt in place in the FIFA rules before the start of the qualifying tournament, and this has never happened before, and nor will it happen again.

After the Maradona hand of god goal in 1986. The fair play mandate was brought in.

23 years on.. little has changed. When a smaller country challenges a bigger country, it gets swatted like an annoying insect.

Thierry Henry has admitted he CHEATED.. what do FIFA do.. nothing.

The referees decision is final to ensure INTEGRITY.. that word again eh.

The fact of the matter is. FIFA is NOW tainted as a governing body. The country of France is NOW tainted as they are seen as CHEATS throughout the sporting world. The World Cup is NOW tainted as its not a fair and moral competition.

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