Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Get,Get ,Get, over it...

Listen to yourselves.. do the majority of you even watch football?

Mark Hughes and in particular HIS coaching staff was taking us backwards, yes backwards. the stats dont lie.

Mark Hughes spent upwards of £80m to improve a defence that shipped more goals than bottom of the table Portsmouth.

He picked players on reputations and price tags rather than current form and ability.

He stuck with his own signings as to prove a point that he was a GREAT manager.

The truth is somewhat different.

MCFC were quite right to change their direction, the only gripe to many is that they bungled their way around it.

Garry Cook will, if left in control at our great club, do more damage than anyone outside ever could.

Roberto Mancini.

He is a WINNER.

As a footballer and a manager he WINS.

Now i understand this takes a lot of getting used to being a CITY fan, but which would you prefer.

Happily playing in Div 2 or taking on the so called big boys and WINNING trophies.


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