Tuesday, 22 December 2009

The hidden appointment of Roberto Mancini

Personally.. This wasnt planned 3 weeks ago.. This was all set into place last season with the sterling and hidden agenda appointment of BRIAN KIDD..

Then there was the appointment of BRIAN MARWOOD.. It seems our owners wanted their OWN MAN in charge all along. And ya cant blame them, if i pumped £500m into a football club, i would like to see my manager have a PLAN B..and from time to time.. a PLAN A.

Its the way Mr COOK crumbled under pressure yesterday that was EMBARRASSING

Is this the way the Arabs wanna be seen to be doing BUSINESS, after all , he's speaking for them when he comes out with his GAFFES.

A blind man could have told ya the PRESS would be looking for answers into the SACKING of MARK HUGHES, and it was totally NAIVE of Garry Cock Up to expect to be able to get away with a few unrehearsed lines on a sheet of A4.

They MEDIA sniffed BLOOD.. and oh my Garry.. well.. u may has well being hung upside down in a Butchers freezer..

I'm not gonna persecute GARRY COOK.. but im sure his BOSSES wont be best pleased with him when they see his latest offering zooming down the net to Abu Dhabi..

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