Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Our new boss..

Roberto Mancini is spot on in my book.. He's there for 6mths with a 3yr option.. aim is Top 4.. Hughes and his cohorts had 18mths, and they were aiming for was Top 6 with £200m spend.

And do u for one moment think that any so called British manager would have come to City for 6mths.. WOULD THEY FUCK.. cos all they want is.. more money and a huge CONTRACT.. to line their GREEDY pockets with..

You have all these PONY british managers.. and so called MEDIA pundits, moaning that Mancini coming in is terrible for British football.. No.. I'll tell you whats terrible, is the UK clowns trying to convince us.. the FANS that they have a clue what do with £200m, and that they ARE in turn FOOTBALL MANAGERS.

If he can sort out that squad.. and make Robinho something more than a glorified ballboy.. then he's got my VOTE.

If he can make Adebayor JUMP and attempt to play within a team, then he has my VOTE.

If he can make TOURE see that the reason he was bought was because he is supposed to be a defender, then he gets my VOTE.

If he can turn possession into GOALS, then he has my VOTE, and draw into WINS, then he also has my VOTE.

Because MARK HUGHES.. was outta his DEPTH at CITY.

He was much more suited to BLACKBURN, BOLTON, STOKE, WIGAN.. teams where the only AMBITION is to stay in the PREMIERSHIP.

We are CITY and we DESERVE more..

And with MANCINI.. we'll have something proper to aspire too..

We'll be WINNERS..

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