Tuesday, 22 December 2009


SNOW. Pure white and glorious stuff.. if yer a kid, you'll love it, its magical, its uplifting, its cold and it sometimes sticks to the ground.

In London its had maybe 4 inches of snow in a few weeks.. yep, you heard right.. 4 measly inches..

Snow is bad for transportation.. WHY.. Because on this island, well we just aint used to SNOW.

Nothing new there. In England we aint used to leaves falling off the trees, rain thundering from the skies, wind howling and shaking the buildings.. but SNOW it seems is a nuisance, that Councils and now Governments have trouble dealing with.

Ya see this weeks wonderous but very slight SNOWstorm (ha), caused 100,000+ passengers to miss their connecting Eurostar trains to and from Europe, because the wrong TYPE of SNOW, yes you heard me, the wrong type, infiltrated the Eurostar trains electrical systems when the trains hit the Channel Tunnel in Calais, France.

What was wrong with the SNOW you cry.. Apparently it was too DRY and FLUFFY.. oh good..Glad thats cleared up.

We see Snowstorms on the news, we see Monsoons, we see Avalanches, we see Tsuanamis, we see disasters all over the globe and on this poor little island, we see things grind to a halt because of 4 inches of SNOW.

I seen with my own eyes yesterday evening. A gritter ( sand) truck attempt to lay sand on a nearby road, a full two hours after the SNOW had fallen.. Whats the point Einstein,a blind man could tell you that SNOW was on its way, or where the roads too dangerous for you to drive yer bloody sand wagon.

More ineptness follows the news tonight that the COUNCILS them again, have decided that due to the adverse weather conditions, they will not be collecting REFUSE till into the NEW YEAR.. why you cry.. Because the roads are too dangerous..

You couldnt make this shit up.. And why am i surprised or bothered.. I'll tell ya why.. Why do we pay COUNCIL TAX.. to empty our refuse, to keep our roads clear, to provide us with the services we sometimes need and countless other ones we never see but we PAY for.

Inept councils chosen by an Inept Government in an Inept country funded in no part by Inept people..

Bah Humbug!

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