Tuesday, 22 December 2009

why the sacking of Mark Hughes was the correct decision

Dont you get it.. our owners aint prepared to wait for a season or two.. and deffo not after pumping millions into the club.. would you wait??

The CV is one thing.. the facts are another.

Garry Cook came to City city as somewhat of a sharp shoooter.. the facts are somewhat different, the way he's going he'd be lucky to get a job in Woolworths..

Mark Hughes came to City as a bright young manager due to his work at Wales and improving Blackburn on a shoestring budget, he's left now, im sure he'll be compensated.. and bounce back at a club of his level.. ie.. Bolton

Roberto Mancini has come in as our probably Number 3 choice.Gus Hiddink was never gonna come due to his Chelsea connections and Jose Mourinho has unfinished business at Inter.

The media paste a negative spin on Mancini due to the corruption in Italian football and their dislike of all things Manchester City.. This is not his fault and nor is it his undoing.

You still have to win..and you can only win and beat what is put in front of you..

I'm fairly sure we have the right man in charge on the touchline, and its up to him and his team to make sure we have the right quality on the pitch.

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