Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Olden.. but Golden.. well..

United sign Micheal Owen and it was hailed as clever!!!

Arsenal re-sign Sol Campbell and Wenger is hailed as a genius!!

City sign Patrick Viera.. and we're slammed by everyone!!!

Can Chelsea dig out Kerry Dixon NOW..lets have some parity.

Ryan Giggs is 35.. Player of the year last season, blah de blah de blah..

Football shouldnt be ageist.. but in the past few years its become that way.

Will we we ever see the likes of Teddy Sheringham again.. not football wise, but age wise, playing till well into his 40s?

Football is not a hard game.. You do need pace.. but not overly so.

Patrick Viera will slot easily back into the British game..he will play central midfield for Manchester City, he is experienced, a World Cup Winner..City are aiming for the title, his signing could be invaluable..

Solomon Campbell on the other hand shows that ARSENAL have no money. Sol aint played this season, his last club was Notts County of the 4th division..

How he thinks he will be able to handle the pace of the Premierships attackers.

ARSENE.. wakey wakey..

If ya play in attack, you need a burst of pace, or a knack of finding space. Micheal Owen has neither anymore, again.. the worlds self proclaimed biggest club in the world.. is on its ARSE.

Long may it continue..

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