Saturday, 20 February 2010


Its that time again when the Top 3 teams in the Premiership are seemingly nailed on certs to finish where they now sit.. and the battle for 4th spot and the final lucrative champions league spot is up for grabs.

The runners and riders for the aforementioned spot are :

Manchester City
Aston Villa

Now we all know that five into one just wont go.

My beloved and very infuriating club Manchester City are the current favourites as we are 1pt clear in 4th spot with a game in hand over all our rivals

But all this can change very quickly.

For the record.. and this is my opinion. We should actually be sitting pretty in 2nd place.

The reason why we are not, is due to an up and down season at COM's.

I mean.. which other football club or business for that matter in the world would let our £32m record signing, sign off for 6 months to have a jolly in his native Brazil - you guessed it.. MCFC

We have had the farce of the African Nations to contend with when we lost our captain and at the time our inform striker, tho both are now are back in the fold one is carrying the scars of a near death experience.

Then their was the removal of Mark Hughes just before Christmas 2009, and the appointment of Roberto Mancini

Coupled with more injuries than would be the norm, we have been very hit and miss.. and lately.. MISS.

We have lost games we should have won, drawn games we should have won, and basically we should be tucked in nicely behind Chelsea as Man Yoo are no big shakes this season..

Which brings me nicely to our opponents today LIVERPOOL.

LIVERPOOL FC, the famous team of the 70s and 80s are having a mare of a time in 2010.. Mind you they have been having a mare of a time for the past 20yrs. No titles since the late 80s, the odd champions league win has kept them afloat and the odd cup win also.

Tho i would like to see the look on their scouse faces when they open todays papers.. when MCFC are linked with a big money swoop for their best two players Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres this summer. Coupled with the problems they have with their own owners..I would like to see them all UPSET come Monday morning also.

Stick that in your HISTORY pipes LIVERPOOL.

TOTTENHAM on the other hand are a team and a club i have a severe disliking for. Harry Redknapp the current manager reminds me of a one night stand that you just cant shake off.

He is linked with every rivals player, i will admit it he just gets my goat up.

Spurs have spent over £150m on players in the past 3 yrs.. and nothing is said in the media.. why.. I dunno..someone tell me.
I hope they fail.. and end up 10th!

Plus the fact that they robbed us in the 81 cup final.. G-r-r-r-r-r-r


Villa are a nice and tidy side run by one of Britain's best managers and former City midfielder Martin O'Neill. I loved him at Celtic, he is a no nonsense educated football manager. He gets results wherever he goes. He doesnt spend great deals of cash and he always seems to get a decent run of results, tho i can see them falling away this season after they play United in the CC final.


Everton are playing decent stuff at the moment , they put us away a few weeks back, which was made easier by the fact that we were dire, and today they rumbled United 3-1. They dont have a massive squad, and are getting players back just in time for the run in, with the likes of Arteta and Cahill looking strong.

I can see Everton nicking past the likes of SPURS and ASTON VILLA in the final reckoning if they can keep the injuries down.


Where are my team MCFC going to finish.. well this depends if Roberto Mancini can quell an apparent players revolt behind the scenes.

Also if he can get most of the squad fit and available for selection

And he can also get a winning system and team.

Because from where i see things.He has no idea what his best system is, or his best team.

Most teams in England play 4-4-2

Mancini has been playing 4-3-3, 4-5-1, 4-4-2, 4-3-2-1.. In fact I'm sure he still thinks he's in ITALY.

We like to be entertained in this league.Sitting back for 70 minutes isnt gonna win you many friends Roberto and starting off like slugs on a day out isnt neither.

We like to see wingers.. so why dont you play SWP who frightens defenders with his pace and Adam Johnson our latest £7m signing from Middlesboring hey

We've been having problems in our creative midfield, its obvious he doesnt fancy our current player of the year Stephen Ireland for reasons unknown and he sticks with the experience, ageing and not very creative Patrick Viera.

Its not working Roberto

Hopefully this afternoon..he wil do a very un italian thing..

And attack Liverpool from the first whistle.

Come on.. you know you wanna?

Wednesday, 17 February 2010


The Brit awards..

Can anyone tell me what is the point?

Samantha Fox, Peter Kay, Jonathan Ross.. and a whole host of other no marks

JLS.. introduced as the runners up in Z Factor.. who then were lowered down from the sky.. to lip sync

Cheryl Cole.. miming.. ffs.

Two spice girls.. what happened to the other three??

Kasabian adding an extra verse into their single "Fire" to accommodate the suits who paid £1000 each to watch an embarrassing spectacle on national TV.

Lady ga ga dressed as the hairbear bunch..

Robin WIlliams for a lifetime achievement award.. for fuckin what exactly..

Need i go on..

Its a fuckin joke of a ceremony.. is it any wonder that there are no musical heroes coming through in 2010.

It says everything thats wrong with Britain today.. It wouldnt surprise me if Simon Cowell was the secret producer.. after all he practically owns ITV musical viewing doesnt he.

Not forgetting R kid who livened things up somewhat by bowling his award and microphone into the crowd.. cue media hysteria and a red nosed comment from the bolton clown... note not censored by ITV..ahem

its outdated, outlandish and just plain shite.

Whats next.. the X factor awards?

Dont joke.. you just know its coming..

Wednesday, 10 February 2010


So the race for Spots 3+ 4 in the Premiership is hotting up.

My team Manchester City sit nicely tucked in on the shoulders of Arsenal providing they win their 2 games in hand, in doing so will overtake Liverpool in 4th spot.

Even so.. I just love how the "media" have been writing us off since we were taken over by our Arabic cousins

You cant buy a team they print!

It will take time to gel they holla!

Everyone who signs for City is a mercenary, who are only interested in the cash.. they spout.

Well mr and mrs tabloid fodder. When you have the money, you can buy who you want.

And we are all aware there are settling in periods fro players and managers... but watch us go..

Also.. players sign for man United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool for what - Peanuts or Raisins..

They all sign for MONEY, its the name of the game, so don't go deluding yourselves that mr superstar striker is coming to you for the LOVE, cos he isnt.

Let the JEALOUSY begin..