Wednesday, 17 February 2010


The Brit awards..

Can anyone tell me what is the point?

Samantha Fox, Peter Kay, Jonathan Ross.. and a whole host of other no marks

JLS.. introduced as the runners up in Z Factor.. who then were lowered down from the sky.. to lip sync

Cheryl Cole.. miming.. ffs.

Two spice girls.. what happened to the other three??

Kasabian adding an extra verse into their single "Fire" to accommodate the suits who paid £1000 each to watch an embarrassing spectacle on national TV.

Lady ga ga dressed as the hairbear bunch..

Robin WIlliams for a lifetime achievement award.. for fuckin what exactly..

Need i go on..

Its a fuckin joke of a ceremony.. is it any wonder that there are no musical heroes coming through in 2010.

It says everything thats wrong with Britain today.. It wouldnt surprise me if Simon Cowell was the secret producer.. after all he practically owns ITV musical viewing doesnt he.

Not forgetting R kid who livened things up somewhat by bowling his award and microphone into the crowd.. cue media hysteria and a red nosed comment from the bolton clown... note not censored by ITV..ahem

its outdated, outlandish and just plain shite.

Whats next.. the X factor awards?

Dont joke.. you just know its coming..

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