Sunday, 12 December 2010


Today has seen another story breaking again at my football club of wanton greed with premiership footballers and their agents.

Carlos Tevez, the captain of Manchester City, leading goalscorer, player of the season, and all round action hero, demands a transfer request on the day we go joint top of the league.

What more do these people want??

Tevez is already on £268,000 a week - TAX FREE

Would an extra £32,000 a week make that much of a difference to hit the £300k mark.. or £1.2 million a month

Or is he that homesick that he wants to go back to Argentina to see his kids and his estranged wife.

Its way more than this.. this is about one thing.. MONEY

Agents are at work here and one in particular.. Kiavash "Kia" Joorabchian

I hope City remain firm, and their press release this morning suggest that they are intending to back Mancini and Cook on sticking to its guns, that contracts will never be renegotiated mid season.

As is right.. you look at contracts at the end of the season, when we have trophies in the bank, and or objectives have been reached. You dont be held to ransom by agents in the middle of a season, and for the most part, these are people who dont actually care about their clients.

Carlos Tevez should do himself and his family a massive favour and learn to speak English, instead of letting his agents do what they want, when they want too.

Flip the coin over to Pablo Zabaleta, our other Argentinian player, totally different, a model professional, no airs or graces, a team player, doesnt complain when he is not in the team, always plays with a smile on his face, and looks settled in Manchester.

Our manager Roberto Mancini jets back to Italy every weekend to visit his very ill father.

A little perspective from El Apache wouldnt go amiss along with his crony IKEA.

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