Sunday, 11 April 2010

The run in.

At last my team Manchester City make a few teams pay in the goals department.. Last week Burnley got walloped 1-6, today we smashed Birmingham 5-1,and next up is the old adversaries Manchester United, which if we win, we will cost them the title.. which is nice, but actually it doesnt make a blind bit of difference to me.

MCFC is the only team that I concentrate on.

All season i have heard from rival fans, who never used to be our rivals cos frankly we were crap, that money cant buy you anything, all yer players are mercanaries they hiss, and the arabs will leave you high and dry, when they don't win anything.

Our new rivals.. Liverpool, Everton, Spurs, Aston Villa, Arsenal....then we have the usual bitterness from United fans and the cockiness of Chelsea fans who fail to realise that back in 2003, they were 10 mins from Administration.

You'll buy the league next season.. BOYS, please.. I have never seen the LEAGUE for sale anywhere, point me to the advertisement that states.. FA PREMIERSHIP for SALE..

Now i understand Liverpools fans frustration. Their American owners promised them a nice new stadium and an unlimited budget for Rafa to waste on players you've never heard of and pick reserves ahead of the old stalwarts Gerrard and Torres.

What can i say.. you followed United's mantra.. who themselves GLOATED when they were when the boot is firmly on the other foot, THEY ARE ALL PROTESTING and waving silly scarves to force their owners to QUIT.. as IF.

KIDS.. if you still think its yer club, you are even more deluded than at first thought. Yes you are the fans, but do you buy the players.. NO, do you pay all their wages.. errr.. NO.. Soooooo.. whats yer beef?

Is it the simple reason that you have both been so used to SUCCESS over the past 40yrs, you can see the OLD GUARD changing..

BOYS.. you don't own football.. tho you think you do.

LIverpool fans now be honest here.. who had ever heard of Liverpool before the Beatles and the 60s?

And United.. you were the same as us for years..tho to be fair you did win the European Cup in 68.

Even so..

Yer whining is laughable.

Back to money,money, money.

So what if MCFC have spent nearly £300m in 5yrs..Chelsea have spent EVEN more, even Spurs who don't get as much stick as us have spent over £260m since 2005, Liverpool have done £200m, United £195m, and well, we all know Arsenal spend 10p a season.

Whatever happens in the run in.. I can honestly say.. i have never had a better season.. Semi Finals of League Cup, Quarter Finals of the FA Cup, and currently 4points ahead of Spurs in the chase for the final Champions League spot.

We have a great squad. Even tho we do have 11 players injured and 9 out on loan ( as nobody wants to give us money for players, tho they love to RAMP it up when we come sniffing)

BRING ON UNITED.. and let JUSTICE prevail