Monday, 1 November 2010

Back to basics

And so MCFC have lost two games on the spin.. cue season over hysterics.
As I'm away from base I have not had the chance to catch up on all things CITY, but i can read the headlines and see reactions from fans and pundits around the sphere.

Mancini has lost the dressing room, blah de blah de blah. Why?

Players have to take full responsibility for their performances on the pitch.. when they cross the line.. they have to do the jobs they are handsomely paid to do, the manager can change tactics and personnel in his 90 minutes plus, but he cant change egos and players minds.

Its high time the clubs stuck their necks out for themselves and their management team instead of the players. players are commodities, they can be bought and sold willy nilly.. the club shall remain.. and the fans are the lifeblood of any club, without fans you have no club..

I still believe in Roberto Mancini, but I'm wavering in my support of some players. Take Emmanuel Adebayor.. on his day.. he's virtually unplayable.. only we aint seen many of his unplayable days in a blue shirt, we have seen the sulky one, the lazy one, the i cant really be arsed one.

Adam Johnson.. a fine young talent.. again on his day..unstoppable.. I have seen a marked change in him since he was brought into the EGOland team. He doesnt seem to believe he has to work hard now he has a few caps for his country.

Gareth Barry.. James Milner..Shaun Wright Phillips when are they going to show the form for their club sides that makes them semi-automatic choices for their national teams.

The buck stops with the players.Changing the manager doesnt do the club nor the fans any favours. I trust in Mancini to see this and to ship out the players that do not want to put the extra 50% in that we all need to do no matter how talented you think you are.

The season is only 10 weeks old.. so hang in there people..

And remember.. better dead than red